Our Products

Use the best trading platforms to trade like a pro

Our products are designed to cater to all types of trading & investment demands which maximises the efficiency of user's capital and you never have to miss any significant opportunity to make the profit.

Paterson Now

An advanced trading platform that will enable you to trade with speed and precision.

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Paterson Web

For investors who check in once in a while for investments and profit booking. No install needed.

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Paterson Mobile

For people always on the go but want to participate actively. Trade Anywhere.

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Other Products

Designed to enhance the accessibility of investment vehicles

Equip tool

It is a perfect market information and technical analysis platform designed for investors and traders alike, combining live data with advanced sorting and charting environment.

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Paterson Wealth App

Do away with the hassles of forms and cheques for your mutual fund transactions. Invest in almost all AMCs, all paperless.

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BO App

Your account details and ledger a tap away 24/7. Always stay in touch with your portfolio. A tool to always keep your RM at your reach.

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