Paterson Web

An advanced light-weight online platform

Accessible anywhere

Straight forward

Incredibly Efficient

The web-platform best is for investors & traders who want quick access to the markets through a browser.
It aims to provide a window for order placement, so the platform is stripped off of any bells and whistles that go with an order placement system.

Compatible with all leading browsers

The platform is consistent across multiple browsers. It built as a light-weight platform to works like a charm on a low-speed internet with the lowest data consumption. It allows several features such as single-click trading, history of operation etc.

Highly customisable intuitive interfaces

This sophisticated highly customisable intuitive tool comes with lots of features like deal through charts, one-click dealing, Multiple watch lists, one-click trading etc. to make a trade decision and execution faster. Right choice at the right time can help you to gain profit in trading.

Additional features

More reasons to move to our online platform

Easy to use

Incredibly fast

Works on any operating systems

Advanced charting packages

Multiple technical indicators

And a
lot more