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We offer our clients the opportunity to participate in one of the safest financial instruments and an essential component in any portfolio- Debt. Create consistent returns with bonds, with the right advice from our team and our connections in the industry. # # #
- G. Lakshminarayanan
Former Chairman, Indian Bank
“I had the privilege of intimately knowing the Company [Paterson & Company]… both in my banking career at IOB and Indian Bank, as also my personal investment interest in the primary and secondary share market. I pay my tributes for the highly professional bearing and the exemplary reputation you have built up for probity and caliber!”
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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in simplicity in our approach and transparency in our dealings.

Can we buy NCDs in Physical mode without a demat account?

Yes, this depends on the NCD, but mostly it is available in physical mode.

Is the debt market only for HNIs and corporates?

The market allows retail investors (as low as 10,000 per investment) to invest in the debt arena. At Paterson, we do the work for you and come up with apt investment opportunities both for the retail investor and the high net-worth clients.

Once we enter an investment (bond) Should we hold the bond till maturity?

Not necessarily, We can exit the investment through the secondary market. Although, this depends on the nature of your specific investment.