Equip Tool

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Sorted Market Statistics

Exhaustive Charting

Simple and Reliable

Equip is a Perfect Market Information and Analysis platform designed for investors and traders alike.
It combines live data with advanced tools & functions and intuitive user interface to deliver an unparalleled Market experience. It empowers the trader with Information and tools that help spot opportunities and capitalise on them.

Charting with exhaustive tools to uncover trading opportunities

Equip tool has features like Live and historical charts, Buy / Sell Signals for MA crossover and MACD Signal, Different Price Styles, Option to compare multiple charts like Stock & Indices, Intra-day candle update on the historical chart and a lot more

Real-time market statistics

Equip provides lots of features in addition to real-time market statistics like Gross Delivery Data, Recent IPO Performance, FII Activity, Board Meetings etc.

It also shows the change in OI across strike prices in the form of a bar graph, Put/Call ratio for stock & Indices for the selected underlying, % Roll Over Live in Open Interest, Most Active Futures, Most Bullish & Bearish Futures by Premium and Discount etc.

Market scanners to spot opportunities as and when they arise

We have a significant set of scanners like Live Trend and All Market Time & Sales Scanners and other tools like Resistance & Support Stock watch, Unusual Volume watch, Intra-day recovery/fall, Opportunity Finder (Equity), Top Stocks, Open Vs High/Low.

Real-time buy sell signal

Equip equips you with a charting setup that gives you a buy/sell signal in the form of buy and sell arrow in the chart as and when a signal is created. The arrows stay there for your reference. Equip has a set of five strategies that provide you with BUY and SELL Signals.

Additional features

More reasons to move to our Equip Tool

5 Chart Types

10 Line Studies

50 Technical Indicators

Bulk & Block Deals

End of Day Reports only for you

Auto-Rollover of Future Contracts

If you are our existing customer, please contact your dealer or write to us on equip@paterson.co.in to get a demo of Equip Tools.