Portfolio Management

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Paterson’s Portfolio Management is a comprehensive service offered to clients seeking a professional approach to managing their investments involving one or more asset classes consisting of stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds & bonds based on personal investment goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon of the client. We offer both discretionary and non-discretionary services.

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- N. Venkataramani
Managing Director, India Pistons Limited
“Paterson & Co Pvt Ltd. has been providing outstanding service to the investing public in Madras and other parts of the country and is renowned for its efficient and upright dealings. [T]he philosophy of quality of service and customer satisfaction… has been responsible for earning for the company the status and reputation it now enjoys amidst the public.”
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Benefits of opening a PMS account with us

Accurate Client Profiling

Invest in a Wide Range of Vehicles

Investments only in Quality Assets

Timely Review of New Opportunities

Customized Meets and Reviews

Comprehensive Reports

Time Tested

Zero Speculative Positions

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in simplicity in our approach and transparency in our dealings.

Give me an overview of your client profiling procedure?

Client profiling is done based on client's financial goals, keeping their Risk Tolerance, Investment Horizon, Return Expectation, Objectives and Liquidity Requirements.

What is your approach towards Portfolio Management?

- We prefer to have a concentrated portfolio of quality companies that we have arrived at through screeners and understand the business than spread too thin across several investments

- While managing the portfolio we never try to time the market and give into fears, pessimism, and crowd mentality – We are patient and disciplined in our approach.

- If we spot an opportunity, we do churn a part of the portfolio to take advantage of short to medium term opportunities

- We don’t let the noise corrupt our thinking. We adopt a cautious stance and we are always alert to any signs of trouble. This allows us to focus on each investment impartially and without emotion.

- If we are unable to find any investment ideas, we prefer to deploy in liquid funds and sit idle rather than risk a permanent loss of capital.

- We prefer good decades rather than a few good years.